Learn how to build a self-generated income engine, so you can step out of the passenger's seat and into the driver's seat.

For complete control over where you go in life, how fast, and how far.

Is your current work making you happy and fueling the life you desire?

Are you content with building someone else’s dreams while your ideas get pushed aside?

Would you like more freedom and flexibility in how you work, live, and play?

You are ready for your own life.

You know, the one where you are in control, in the driver’s seat, designing exactly how you live with no need for a job that only contributes to someone else’s wealth or dreams.

You know you want out of corporate. But how? The day-in and day-out of the same thing, the same corporate slave routine is killing your soul.

You don’t even know who you are anymore.

How do you break free? How do you build a source of income that is all yours, yours to drive, control, and determine?

Perhaps you’ve already taken other business-building courses, spending big dollars only to come away with a pile of completed worksheets and some new insights. While that may have been helpful in gaining clarity, it didn’t help you build a business from the ground up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be guided step-by-step in creating an actual business? That’s exactly what sets Ignition apart from many of the other business-building courses out there.

This is about you.

Your desires, your dreams, your life. But there’s a catch.

This freedom you seek is really about control…

and you have to actively create it.

Welcome to Ignition.


A road-tested, step by step action system to start up a business and generate clients. Putting you in the driver’s seat of your destiny.

I help adventurous entrepreneurs escape their corporate traffic jam and hit the open road of online business, where the only speed limits are the ones they set for themselves.

I mean taking the right steps, implementing, working steadily every single day. No giving up, no doubting…

Just doing.

What you are looking for is actually not a new concept, secret, or privileged insight, but a proven step-by-step series of action steps that result in a business with real clients and real sales in little time.

Who has time to wait years for a blog to take off or a list to build before making real money?

This doesn’t mean you hit the ground with an income that replaces the day job tomorrow, but it does mean that you’ll be out making sales at the earliest possible point in your business. No need to spend hours laboring over the fine details of your website or months blogging before someone takes notice of your small corner of the internet. I teach you how to go out and get leads and make sales.

Then the fun begins.

Once you’ve followed the course and complete it with an actual business in place with real clients and real sales, you get to start purposefully designing your life. Your self-determination emerges.

This is called sitting in the driver’s seat.

And the sexy part…you get to determine how fast you drive.

No more waiting on someone else to give you that promotion or recognition or greater flexibility.

Life takes the lead.

Power is all about self. Knowing who you are and what you are capable of out from under someone else’s definition of your life is where true, raw power lies.

Let me help you find it.

Cat LeBlanc

Hi, I’m Cat LeBlanc. I believe that we as entrepreneurs have the power to determine our own destinies—

if we’re truly willing to take the right steps.

As a business strategist, I’ll help you get into the driver’s seat of your future by starting a real online business. With me, you won’t just get the keys to your future. You’ll build and test-drive your enterprise each step of the way, actually reaching milestones like closing your first sale. From there you’ll be ready to hit the open road of business,

where the only speed limits you’ll encounter are the ones you set for yourself.

Cat is a visionary coach who helps her clients uncover their profitable business idea. With Cat’s help, you’ll be thinking bigger, getting into consistent action, and finally launching that successful business you’ve always dreamed of.
Selena Soo                   
Publicity Coach                             

Follow Cat's system. It works. I have had my first sale! Earning £750 for 4 hours of coaching."

Charlotte Jacob
Business Architect and Strategist   

Despite going to college for business, I had absolutely no idea how to start an online business! Prior to finding Cat, I was going around in circles that didn't even make sense. With Cat's help I understood how to build my business efficiently using her multi-step approach!

Cat has a gift of helping women tune into their special gifts and taking them through proven systems.

Because the foundational blocks were set while working with Cat, I was able to pick up clients almost immediately online and only a handful of months later celebrated my first $15k month!

If you're ready to start your online business, Cat is the one to trust. She puts serious thought and testing into all her work and you can be sure you'll be in good hands!"

Lyndsey Brent               
Business Strategist and Sales Coach

Cat walks her talk. She has a particular expertise that is rare in coaches and that is she has an amazing ability to draw out your strengths even if you don’t know them. Cat’s been a valuable source of guidance to me and her coaching has been very instrumental in making some life changing business decisions.

Shae Baxter              
SEO Super Queen

I designed Ignition. This is not an educational tool; it is a step-by-step action system that forces entrepreneurs to actually do what’s needed to start the business—including find and sell their first clients. These methods are built on the thinking of the world’s smartest entrepreneurs, simple and practical enough for anyone.

No “secret methods” or over-the-top skills needed. At the end, my clients have built a working online business that’s uniquely suited to their background, interests and expertise.

You are ready to build the business, and the lifestyle it supports, in whatever way you choose, because now the power to drive it truly is in your hands.

When you make the decision to take control of your life by committing to Ignition, you are putting yourself in the driver’s seat.

Start the program, turn the key.

Now you have systemic business development tools, the steps, and the accountability to implement every step of the way, so that you complete the program with an actual business that is generating leads, clients, and income.

For you, this means a very clear path and understanding of how you will leave the cubicle and live your life on your terms. You’ll already have proof and a timeline in place by the time you reach the finish line of Ignition.

Does it get scary?

Yes. But power, control, speed, and freedom always is. Stepping out on your own in a way you never have before is like the ultimate road trip.

No looking back.

Here’s what I’ll teach you and walk you through doing:


I’ll guide you in how to choose your business idea. I forewarn, this isn’t about passion. You’ve heard enough of that with little results. This is about choosing something that works, an idea that will help you build speed. I’ll help you do this no matter where you are. No idea or tons of ideas, with my guidance, you’ll uncover the best business idea for you right now.

Let’s be honest, some ideas no matter how much you love them, must remain hobbies (and you don’t have to give that up).

Right now you need a powerful engine to fuel your life. We are going to build it.


What is it about you that will drive your unique selling points? You don’t have to be an extrovert to succeed here. You simply need to uncover your strengths and leverage them for speed of implementation.

Are you accomplished in a particular area? Or have you had a particular experience that changed your perspective?

We’ll use that as a platform to build your new business. Remember, this is about starting where YOU can gain traction, build momentum, and then harnessing that power to do more, even shift gears.


This module is straight forward. Based on your idea and your message, we’ll design offers that create sales. I’ll prompt you to answer questions that help you see exactly what offers will work best and then ask you to implement them.

I want to hit the brakes here for a moment. This is where it gets scary. I like to call points like these “freak out points.” These are the hairpin turns that slow your momentum down a bit, even make you queasy, and hesitant, but once you push through, you are back on the open road.

Drive girl, drive!

I’ll offer you tips to push through the freak out points when you hit them.


This is about how you will make sales, but more so about actually making sales. You’ll work on finding your ideal clients, making your offer, and closing sales here. All while being genuine and helping people. No ickyness.

What good would all of the learning be if you did not put it to practice and actually experience the results? Without the doing, you would just be taking another program with great concepts and theories with nothing to take home.

We don’t do that here.


Website branding, blogging (if that’s your thing), content, and the necessary information to launch your idea. You’ll understand the structures you need in place to have a website that converts. We’ll do everything necessary to start, but not get bogged down in details to the point of idling.


Actually go and get leads.

You’ll create your system for getting leads that works now and down the road, so your path to leaving the corporate world is crystal clear. You’ll put a system in place for bringing leads into your sales process through the point of becoming paid clients. This is called a sales funnel. You’ll build and test yours by securing leads quickly.


This is where you really hit the road.

You’ll have your map from point A to point B, simple. This includes a list of to-dos for every single day to move your business steadily forward. No fluff, no more contemplating, just the elements and systems that actually matter in your business, so it builds, and grows into the machine you need to actually design your life.

You know, the one where you don’t work for someone else anymore, watching the dreams of travel, family time, freedom, control over what you do every day, pass by.

How does it all work?

  • A new Building Stage is released each week.
  • You log in and watch the no fluff Building Stage video which explains what to do.
  • You head over the tasks and get implementing.
  • Each task builds on the next. You are building your business as you go.
  • Each task includes check points so you can check you are on the right track.
  • You can share and collaborate with a buddy or you can share in the larger group.
  • Need help? Check out the help area, or post your questions in the group. I'll be there to answer them.

Ignition offers:

Practical solutions for every entrepreneur Many courses or businesses are built on a “special” or “secret” method that is not, by implication, for everyone. My method is based on smart, practical steps that will work for every entrepreneur—not just the most extroverted or those with special advantages.

A step-by-step system that is truly step-by step – not just filling 8 training modules with content. Each building stage literally builds on the last so you are refining and honing your business as you go through the program.

Built in feedback so you know you are on the right track – In each building stage I give you check points. So you know if you are on track and are ready to move on to the next stage.

No confusion. You literally don’t need to do anything else but follow the program. You can stop buying other things and do JUST THIS. Everything will come up as it is needed and you don’t need to be worrying about all the extra stuff you think you should be doing because there isn’t any. You can literally relax and follow the program.

Quick results When my clients take action on the steps I give them, they get real, measurable results. Entrepreneurs can get their first clients quickly and start making the income that eventually will enable them to redesign their whole lives.

Systems foundation As program founder, I have a rich background in IT and human information systems, giving me a unique perspective on business and an obsession with optimizing and improving systems. I’ve road tested Ignition thoroughly and I have perfected it with my private clients.

Years of learning, synthesized Rather than spending years reading all the right business books, my clients can simply follow my proven process that synthesizes and systematizes the most effective business-building strategies into a robust series of steps.

Support & questions answered Everyone in Ignition will have access to ask questions in the Facebook group, as well as access to an extensive help area and recorded Q&A audio, so you are never left uncertain or overwhelmed.

The result is you coming out with a business at the end. You have a solid, verified idea, a great business set up and you know how to make leads and sales.

You have a functioning business.

Ignition gave me the foundation I needed under my feet. It helped me reconsider what I was doing and change it to make me happy with it. It gave me the platform to build upon as well as the tools needed to succeed. I have gotten several test clients and it was great experience and just yesterday I signed up my first paying client!

Luba Carlson
  Productivity & Success Coach

I really didn't want to do ANOTHER course based around how to run an online business, but things clearly weren't working with my business and Cat convinced me that Ignition would give me the answers I was looking for.

I love the way it's a genuine step by step program. It takes your hand and guides you through what needs to be done to get results in a way that no other program I've seen does. It explains in detail using examples where appropriate, how to get to the end result.

I already have a website and I've never felt more in control of where I'm going with it than I do now.

It doesn't feel as self guided as a lot of other online programs do. It feels like there is a recipe to follow - you're not left on your own to navigate unknown territories. You're taken right there and shown exactly which path to take for your situation.

Plus the coaching in the FB group is an absolutely incredible bonus. And the extra information from the questions asked in the group is invaluable.

Within a couple of days of showing me how, I had 3 clients from my special offer and soon after, got my first full paying client.”

Ros Isbel

Ignition is literally all you need to know to get started and stay focused. I am always jumping 10 steps ahead of myself, so Ignition really helped to keep me in my own lane.

One thing I really like about Ignition is that Cat always offers advice and is easily accessible in the Facebook group. In many ways, I feel as if I received 1:1 coaching. The group setting is very intimate, and it felt like a safe place to be, ask questions and be heard.

Sabrina Colella
Business & Marketing Coach

If you have already taken other business-building courses with little results or have been spending considerable time trying to think of a business idea, then it is time to just start!


And actually start doing something and seeing real results towards an actual business.

If you continue on your current course, where will you be in 3 months? 6 months? Could another year go by with little to show for it? It’s time to choose a program that is designed for tangible results in addition to new insight.

In addition to the precise action-based training program, I’m including:

Private Facebook Group where you get your questions answered and can share successes, challenges, and get great peer support from other entrepreneurs building a business just like you. I’m active in the group! I’ll be a part of the discussion, answering questions, providing feedback and motivation.

Extensive Help Area whenever anyone asks a question that could come up again I make sure to add this information to the help area. I want IGNITION to be as complete as possible so you know how to move forward.

8 Recorded Q&A Audios where I walk you through the common issues that come up and what to do when you hit them. You don’t have to feel like you are in it alone or on your own, I’ll provide support throughout the program.

Case Studies so you can see what others have done and the results they got.

Life time access so if life gets in the way and you need to take a break you can. The content will always be available to you.

Free updates I constantly improve this course, it is already in version 2 and as an Ignition member you will receive all future updates made to Ignition at no extra cost.

You just stepped out the passenger’s seat and into the driver’s seat.

You’ve just owned your future.

Powerful right? That’s what Ignition is about.

Start driving the road of “I did, I am, and this is.”

The Ignition Program is for:

  • People looking to start new SERVICE based businesses. That means they are interested in coaching, consulting or some other kind of service-based business.
  • People who have already started an online business but can't seem to make it work.
  • People who are ready to take charge of their life and acknowledge that changing their life will mean doing something different. They are ready to take the bull by the horns so to speak. Of course with expert guidance.
  • People who have some kind of professional experience or life experience that they feel could be used to help others even though they can’t figure out how to turn it into a business yet.
  • People who know they can do more than this and have been waiting to figure out what that is.

The Ignition Program is not for:

  • People who are looking for a get rich quick scheme and aren’t willing to do any real work.
  • People who want to launch their business with an ecourse. I believe ecourses and purely digital products are essentially volume business models. Once you have a clear process that you have road tested with clients, and an audience (or the funds to pay for one), then are you ready to build purely digital products. Leveraged digital products are what you should be aiming for once you have regular business. I don’t believe they are the best way to START a business and because of this that is not the focus of this program.
  • Those who are not ready to make changes and are happy with their current circumstances or content to just wait and maybe get around to building a business next year. Which in my experience rarely happens.

Ignition is designed to succeed, for YOU to succeed. It is built on no fluff, real, working steps that lead to a business out the door.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What if I have some of these pieces in place already?

A. Is your business working? Are you getting clients? If not there is a break down somewhere and this program will help you find where it is. You'll find out if your idea is profitable, if you are using the right messaging, if your offers are set up well. Usually there is a break down at this level. And if it's your sales we cover that too. I've worked with clients who've built from scratch and clients who've needed help fixing what they had already. It works for both.

Q. Will we be doing webinars/FB ads/etc?

A. I don't prescribe one lead generation strategy for all businesses. There is no one size fits all strategy.  Ignition guides you to choose the lead generation strategies that will work best for YOU and YOUR business.

For the strategies that are commonly used I have resources to guide you on how to use them. We will not be going in depth into any one of these topics as those would be many separate courses. The main objective of this course is to the point of getting clients. If you want to get into the finer details of podcasting, FB ads etc later on I recommend getting courses for those specific topics once you have a business foundation that will sell.

You don't need this level of expertise to get your first clients. You idea, messaging, offers and sales process are much more important here.

Q. Does this Ignition cover all the technical how tos, like how to actually build a landing page?

A. This is not a course on how to use different software platforms. This is a course to create a business. You get the how to, but the how to that actually matters. A landing page is completely useless to you if the messaging and words on it don't sell. Where most people are really struggling is creating a concept that sells. Once you have that right it's easy to follow some tech videos to create a landing page. The tech doesn't make or break a business - the concepts and strategies behind the tech do. And that's what we'll be working on.

Q. Do you require I build my own website?

A. No, I will help you have everything ready to hand over to a developer. I also have low cost website developer recommendations. Your time is best spent getting those clients! If you really prefer to DIY I have recommendations for platforms and themes.

Any platforms or themes that you use have their own help. As I said before the technology doesn't make or break your business, the concepts and strategies behind the tech do, and that is what we are working on getting right.

Q. How much time will I need to complete Ignition?

A. On average, 5 hours per week. You have lifetime access so you can take as long as you want but I do recommend finding those 5 hours a week.

Q. I am concerned about spending money before I’ve earned any – how much will I need to spend to build my business?

A. These days, it is very difficult to start a successful online business with no investment. You will have to spend money to make money, but remember, the goal of Ignition is to get you earning as soon as possible.

And at this price point it really is a ridiculous deal.

Q. When do we start?

A. As soon as you click on JOIN IGNITION!


The great thing is - Ignition is an road-tested ACTION system.

Everything is step-by-step. You won’t be wondering how to turn your worksheet into something in your business because each task you’ll be doing will actually be a building piece of your business. All you have to do is follow the system.

Cat LeBlanc is the real deal. Her insights, experience, kindness, and good old-fashioned common sense are a rare breed in entrepreneurs — and coaches.

The business world is filled with “do this, get that!” messages and products, but it’s never that easy — if it were, we’d all be sipping champagne on our obnoxiously oversized yachts! What I love about Cat is that she sees through the BS. Her business and brand are filled with her own flavor of success and she is brilliant at helping others find theirs, too. And ultimately, that’s what real success is — your own vision on your own terms, brought to life in Technicolor!

If you’re considering working with Cat, do it! Her full heart and sharp mind will lead your business to new heights. See you at the top!

Victoria Prozan
Creativity Coach             

Working step by step helped me understand the value of setting my business up correctly from the start. Without Cat’s help, I probably would have developed some offers and launched a website, and then wondered why I wasn’t getting clients!

With Cat’s help, I have a solid foundation in place for my business. Her program is really comprehensive and will give you the confidence you need to successfully launch your online business and get clients. 

I finally have a solid business and I am applying all the skills I’ve learned in my life and in my online learning. I’m already working with clients and building business relationships that will last far into the future.

Amber Jordan
Financial Coach                  

I did wonder whether I would actually find an idea that really fit the lifestyle I was after and whether I would even complete the course and implement what I had learned. I was nearing maternity leave and knew I didn't want to return to a job afterwards, I also wanted to start something prior to the baby arriving otherwise I may have given up on the idea. I had so many business ideas that nothing was clear to me anymore so I knew I needed someone to coach me.

Now after completing my work with Cat I found the perfect idea and I’m happy knowing the idea works as I got to trial it with paying clients!! Happy days!

Cat genuinely wants to help people start a successful business and achieve their dreams. Cat was my rock and without her support and guidance I would not have been able to start this business and do so well from the get go.​

Best of all I made my coaching investment back in 2 months.

Tina Okey
Graphic and Web Designer

Within a few short months of finishing the program I was working from home, in my dream office and had a client wait list. I can't recommend Cat highly enough.

Lisa England
Brand Strategist

You even have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. I know this works, but I also want you to have security. That is why I only ask that you submit your first completed Building Stage, if, for whatever reason, you'd prefer not to continue from there I’ll happily refund your investment.


If within 60 days of commencing IGNITION you decide the program is not for you I will return any Ignition fees paid in full on the condition that you send in your completed Building Stage One tasks.

​I know this stuff works and I want you to give it a shot. If you get to that stage and it's not for you. I'll happily return your fees.


I now have 10 paying clients! Long story short: I LOVE IGNITION :-) You are touching my life in an awesome way."

Lorena Busso
Website Coach


The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on many factors, including his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. By purchasing this program, you acknowledge that as with any business endeavour, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money as a result of your participation in the Program.