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The Idea Spotlight – Victoria Prozan

Meet Victoria…

Victoria Prozan

Victoria is a Business Storyteller who helps entrepreneurs with their brand and customer experience. Specifically she creates names and taglines, product names, book names, really anything that needs branded language.

Her new offering is Creative Ambrosia, a curated list of media designed to feed creativity in business owners for the long term.

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize they are creative, yet the people who are the most successful are innovators. By feeding your creativity you can create a business that is different from the pack, and that is where your power lies.

Victoria really is a creative powerhouse and I am honoured that she could find time for an Idea Spotlight Interview.

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The Idea Spotlight – Cindy Voss

Meet Cindy!


Cindy Voss


Cindy is an old friend of mine from my Germany days. She made the jump into business ownership a few years before I did and I’ve always been inspired by her incredible ability to take an idea and put all her energy into making it happen.

Cindy has two businesses. She works with horses addressing behavioural issues and she is also freelance sports photographer concentrating mainly on equestrian sports.

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The Idea Spotlight – Maria-Louise

Meet Maria-Louise!

Maria Louise Medical Solution


I met Maria-Louise at a yoga retreat. Since I started this interview series it seems like interesting lady entrepreneurs are popping up everywhere! I love it!

Maria-Louise is a partner in the company Medical Solution. Medical Solution works in the area of Occupational Health and Safety, helping companies create systems for a safe working environment and environmental responsibility. The company employees thirteen staff.

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The Idea Spotlight – Clare Fielder

Meet Clare!

Clare The Virtual Nudge

Clare is the founder of The Virtual Nudge – a birthday reminder service. When I first heard that I thought – hmmm, but can’t I do that on my iPhone? It was when I actually spoke to Clare about her business that I realized that no I can’t, and the mission of The Virtual Nudge is much more than purely reminding…

The concept behind the service is to help people connect in a deeper way. The way we used to more often before just writing “Happy Birthday!” on our friend’s Facebook walls. The Virtual Nudge reminds you before the birthday to give you time to think about a thoughtful gift and the service gives you gift and party idea inspiration.

The Virtual Nudge is all about heart to heart connections and creating more smiles in the real world. It’s about making the people we care about feel special. What’s not to love about that?!
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The Idea Spotlight – Ashley Tucker

Meet Ashley!

Ashley ReloGeek


I met Ashley initially in an online forum. The more I got to know her and heard about her story the more I knew I had to get her on to The Idea Spotlight!

Ashley was a trucker driving all over the states before she opened her own Auto Shipping Brokerage.

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The Idea Spotlight – Tanya Stovold

Meet Tanya…

Tanya and I lived together in Frankfurt, Germany many moons ago when we were budding IT Consultants. How times have changed since then!

Tanya is now a surface pattern designer. She designs digital paper for scrapbookers and paper crafters.

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