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How Hard Is It To Start Your Own Business? (It’s Not As Hard As You Think)

how hard is it to start a business

Starting a business is hard work…

…and sometimes downright difficult.

There’s no question about it.

But in my experience, it’s not as hard as most people seem to think.

Starting a successful business isn’t really a big mystery.

If you’re willing to put the work in and embrace the personal development that comes along with it, you can succeed.

So, how hard is it to start a business?

And what does it really take?

Let’s find out…

…if you’re ready for the startup lifestyle.

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The Single Most Important Skill You Need To Run A Side Business

Cat LeBlanc

I checked Facebook four times while writing this post.

Was I looking for something specific? Was I waiting for an important message?

Nope.  It’s just what we do these days, isn’t it?!

But when you’re running a business – especially a side business – focus is incredibly important.

If you decide to take my advice (I think you should!) and start your amazing idea as a side business before you quit your full-time job, I can look into my crystal ball and tell you right now what your biggest challenge is going to be:

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The 5 Qualities You Must Cultivate To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Cat LeBlanc

You’ve probably heard them before.  At a party, in the break room at work, at happy hour… People everywhere daydreaming and saying, “I’d love to start my own business one day…”

Lots of people would love to start their own business. But, as I mentioned last week, loads fail – something like 80 percent!

What’s the difference? What do those successful 20 percent have that the others don’t – and how can you get it?

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Why Starting A Side Business May Be Your Secret To Success

Start A Side Business

You’ve had an incredible idea for a new business.

You’re pretty much obsessed.

You think about your new business day and night – in the shower, on the train, and yes, at work.

In fact, it’s such a fantastic idea that you’ve already started drafting your letter of resignation in your head…

…imagining the day you can waltz out those doors and get busy doing the work you are really meant to do…

But hold on there, speedy.

Satisfying though it might be, you don’t have to quit your current job to start a new business.

Some people balk at this idea.

It seems like double the work.

And where’s the fun of being an entrepreneur if you’re still clocking in at a JOB every day?

Other people are more cautious:

They could be be afraid to leave the stability of their full-time job and make the leap into being an entrepreneur.

You may be surprised to hear where I come down on this topic.

In fact, I believe anyone can start a side business that can become their full-time business.

But proceed with caution:

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