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The Leverage Ladder – When Does It Make Sense To Skip Ahead To Passive Income

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Episode 18 – The Leverage Ladder – When Does It Make Sense To Skip Ahead To Passive Income

If you haven’t listened to episode 17 yet I definitely recommend listening to that first. In that episode I talked about growing your business and when it makes sense to start working on passive income.

Notice I said “start working on” because it will take work!

We talked before about what you need to make passive income and it’s not just a product to sell.

For it to be worth your time and for you to make what most people would consider a salary rather than some pocket money you need:

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7 Lessons Learned From Going From 0 to $20k Months in 18 Months

Woah. That was a lot of numbers. I haven’t talked about my own business numbers in the past and there are two main reasons for this.

One, I want my CLIENT results to do the talking as to why people should work with me, not what I’m earning.

And two, honestly, I feel a bit weird talking about money like that. It’s probably cultural conditioning, and potentially something I need to get over.

I realise though that people are super curious to see what the business growth path can look like, and what really goes on behind the scenes.

By sharing honestly how it looked for me and what I learned from it, while it is a little revealing, I am hoping that you can learn these lessons without actually having to go through them yourself while growing your business.

So here are my 7 big lessons learned from going from 0 to $20k months in 18 months.

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The Truth About Starting a Lifestyle Business

A lot of people market the idea that you can have a business that makes money while you sleep. And then they show pictures of gorgeous beaches, women with perfect pedicures in fluffy spa robes, or fancy expensive cars.

It’s a very attractive prospect – I mean, who doesn’t want that?

But running a business isn’t all lazing around on the beach.

I also wake up to Paypal notifications – but it doesn’t mean I don’t do any work!

Not quite as glamourous, right?

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Debunking Online Passive Income

I didn't earn any passive income at the beach that dayWouldn’t it be wonderful to make money while we sleep, or sip on pina coladas while our PayPal accounts never seem to run dry of an unlimited cash supply?

Or basking in the glory sun while working from our laptops somewhere in the Maldives. Or how about Perth? ->

Oh yes, it’s these images we’ve imagined over and over. You only need to do an image search on Google for “how to make money online” to see never ending images of white sand, crystal clear water and tropical paradises that tease us with the promises of what could be.

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