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5 Steps to Prepare Yourself for a Big (Scary) Opportunity in Your Business

This week I had to prepare myself for something that was pretty darn scary for me. It was an interview with a big name in the industry, essentially someone I view as Internet Marketing royalty. It may well be viewed by thousands of people. Note: if you are wondering how to get these kinds of opportunities I have some great content coming up about publicity.

As it was my interview got rescheduled 2 hours before it happened, BUT it did allow me to pull together everything I’ve got on preparing for a BIG SCARY THING.

If you do choose the path of an entrepreneur at some point something will be put in front of you that you know lots of awesomeness is on the other side of – but it’s really stretching your comfort zone to do it.

This just comes with the territory so if it hasn’t happened so far, just know at some point you will want these tools.

Not that challenges don’t come up at a 9-5, they do, but the likelihood is you and going to care a whole lot more about the results when it’s your own work.

Here’s how I prepared this week and what I recommend you do too.

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What I Manifested In New York (How To Enable Opportunity To Strike)

I’ve recently come back from my round the world trip. This was part of my experiment in taking my business on the road. If you want to read about how the first part (Germany) went and get my tips and tricks on how to combine business with vacation that’s all here.

Part 2, New York, was all about making the impossible, yet simultaneously inevitable, happen.

I have big dreams in my business and while I generally consider myself an introvert, you can’t make everything happen by staying at home in your active wear.

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6 Networking Strategies For Introverts & My Adventures In NYC

Before I share the story and give you my tips on networking for introverts, or as I like to think of it – networking the authentic way – a quick disclaimer. I’m not an expert of introversion or networking, I can only speak about my own experience and what I do to build my network, make new business friends and grow my business.

The Urban Dictionary defines introvert as:

“A person who is energized by spending time alone… Contrary to popular belief, not all introverts are shy. Some may have great social lives and love talking to their friends but just need some time to be alone to “recharge” afterwards.”

My need to recharge has led to various moments in my life that my more extrovert friends find hard to understand – recently I left a friend’s hens night BEFORE the stripper arrived. No one could believe it.

I would love to share a picture of what I missed at this point but I don’t want to get my friend in trouble!

So what’s this about adventures in New York City?

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My Top 4 Business Influencers and the Lessons They’ve Taught Me

Cat LeBlancEvery great athlete has a trainer. Every musician has a teacher. And every coach… Has a coach!

I’m always surprised when coaches don’t want to talk about who influenced them along their journey, or worse – don’t believe they need a coach themselves! I’m proud of my continuing education as a business owner — and I love to share the teachers that have had the most impact on me.

If you run in certain circles online, you will already know that the launch of this year’s round of BSchool has been going on, and it seems like just about everyone is an affiliate for the program and recommends it. Well, I’m not an affiliate for any of these wonderful people, but I do highly recommend them, and I want to share the biggest lessons I’ve gotten from working with each of them.

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