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(YBYR12) What’s Your Online Business Archetype & Why Does It Matter?

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The first thing I’ll say is if you straight up just want the answer to that what your archetype is go to and you’ll get your answer.

But if you want to know why it matters too stay here first!

The Your Business, Your Rules Podcast is all about living life your way and building a business your way, to enable you to live life even more your way.

Lots of doing things your way!

But in order to actually do things your way you actually need to pay attention to who you are. Otherwise you end up missing the point and following someone else’s dream.

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(YBYR7) A Peek Behind The Scenes with Camille Thurnherr – The Highs And Lows Of Running An Online Business

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In this episode of Your Business Your Rules I invite Camille Thurnherr, my accountability buddy and Founder of, in for a chat to give an behind the scenes peek on what it’s like to have your own business.

We chat about the highs we experienced, the lows and what it’s been like going on this journey together.

In the podcast we briefly mention an interview I did with Camille on how I found love. You can find that interview here.




(YBYR6) The Story Of How I Started My Location Independent Business

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We’ve had lots of content so far on Your Business, Your Rules. Content is incredibly helpful, especially if it helps you understand things in new ways and move forward which is what I am always striving for.

Story is also important though. Research has repeatedly shown that hearing a story activates more of the brain than just hearing facts.

And I really really want you to be either starting this journey or making this journey more you.

Even regardless of what the scientists say I find that if I can hear someone else’s ups and downs and hear the back story behind the quote unquote overnight success. It helps me see how I could do this.

Or how I could make changes. It gives me food for thought.

So today I’m sharing a bit more about how my business came into being.

Let’s be clear. Not to boast. There are certainly people out there who have achieved a lot more than me.

But to give you insight that you can turn into action for yourself. Hopefully you can see yourself in the journey

Honestly I’m not the kind of person who wants to constantly talk about themselves so this is a little uncomfortable for me. But important. Because I want to show it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. It’s highs and lows. And after a while a pretty damn good place to be journeying in.

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(YBYR5) The Money Three – What Are The Three Things We Need To Make Money In Business?

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What am I talking about with the Money Three? What I mean is the three things that need to be in place to make money in business.

The reason this is one of the core episodes, I’m calling these first five episodes the core episodes, Is so often I am speaking to people who aren’t doing as well as they want to be in business and they are looking to solve the problem in exactly the place where it won’t get solved.

Because we are human and often can’t see the woods for the trees. Plus dodgy marketers are trying to sell us all the things and it’s easy to get distracted.

Do I have you curious?

Let’s dive in to the THREE things your business needs to be doing well to make money.

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(YBYR4) The Best Business Model For New Online Entrepreneurs

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Now we’re digging in to some of the actual mechanics that make a business work – I love this stuff! Let’s dive in.

What’s the best business model for new online entrepreneurs?

I’m going to start broad here and then zero in on the answer because if I do it that way it will make more and more sense as we go through the options.

So first of all what are some of the options you might be considering – you might be thinking of coaching, online courses, membership sites, or you might be thinking about selling physical products, drop shipping or maybe even getting into network marketing.

I’m going to share the best way I believe you can get started in business and I want to explain where I am coming from with this.

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(YBYR3) The Online Business Growth Ladder – Your Journey

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If you’ve discovered the online world recently and seen some pretty amazing success stories you may well be wondering how the hell these people did this. Am I right?

And if you’ve started already you probably wish you knew what the path ahead looks like and what kind of results you can expect when.

Knowing what to expect and really importantly where you are at in the journey can give you a sense of security and understanding of the landscape around you.

After all it’s not like entrepreneurship comes with a performance review every year and then the corresponding salary increase!

It can all feel like a bit of a mystery.

So let’s unpack this.

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