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Category Archives: Freedom

Observations And Learnings From Taking My Business On The Road

Right now I am road-testing ‘the laptop lifestyle’. It’s been over three years since I started my business and the first real time I’ve tried this. Every other trip I was on holiday or I was only away a couple of days. So far I’ve been to Frankfurt, Hannover and Dusseldorf in Germany visiting friends and hanging out in my old stomping grounds. Mid July I move on to New York City. Woo hoo!

Honestly though, as much as I love freedom and having control over my schedule, I’ve always been nervous about trying to work away from home. I like having a proper desk with everything set up – think note pads, coloured pens, printer, comfortable chair etc etc. I’m the kind of person who can’t even work in a cafe because it’s too distracting. So this trip has been quite an experiment!

So here’s what I discovered so far:

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Please Give Yourself Permission (You’re The Only One Who Can)

In many of the spaces we move in before we work for ourselves there are a lot of rules around what we can do and when.

‘All promotions are based on seniority.’

‘You can’t do this job until you have that qualification.’

‘You can’t study this unless you did that first.’

And in some cases these rules make sense. I know when I go into hospital I definitely want to be sure that the surgeon did indeed learn exactly how to do the surgery needed!

Other times though these rules actually don’t make sense at all. If you are an amazing teacher does it make sense that you can’t go for certain jobs because others have been there longer than you?

Probably not. But the system doesn’t allow for this.

The reason these rules are usually created is not because someone was trying to make it hard, it’s to ensure that the person who gets the job can actually do the job in question. It’s just that this doesn’t always work.

The bigger problem here is that we lose the ability to decide for ourselves what we can and can’t do because we get used to handing over the decisions that affect our lives to someone else.

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Top 5 Scary Facts About Starting a Business (and How to Beat Them!)

I want to get really honest with you here today: starting your own business can be scary!

I hear the fears and doubts about starting a business from my clients all the time:

What if I don’t make any money?

What if I don’t know anything about techie stuff?

What if I get hate mail?

The truth is, starting a business IS scary! But the best way to overcome a fear is to get it out in the open and think of ways to beat it.

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Living The Dream: Are You Balancing Life And Work Intentionally?

Cat LeBlancI don’t hide the fact that I worked damn hard to build this business – hard and smart that is. But there’s always room for optimisation. Knowing what I know now, I probably could have done it in half the time, but as they say, everyone has 20:20 vision in hindsight. While I do think you have to put the effort in to start off with to get the right momentum (money loves speed) you shouldn’t be killing yourself.

For me personally, if my income isn’t secure I can’t relax, and that is what drove to me work harder than perhaps I should have. The good news is that for the past few weeks, I’ve been working hard… at not working so hard!

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Prospecting For Gold: Is It Worth It?

Cat LeBlancAs you read this, I am getting ready for a very well deserved holiday.

I say well deserved because for the last month, I have been pouring my heart and soul into building my new Business Gold training program and launching it into the world.

That’s right: I pretty much went from idea to launch in about a month.

Crazy? Maybe a little. ;) It can be better to plan things out longer term, but my holiday made for a great deadline and motivator, and I am a get-it-done-now kind of girl, anyway.

It’s been one of the most intense periods in my business so far.  But was it worth it?

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7 Ways To Have More Fun In Your Business

Cat LeBlancIt’s very easy to caught up in your business, especially at the start when you are working super hard to make it work.

I know from personal experience it can be hard to step back and really have fun in your business. Sure, I go for long lunches and afternoon clothes shopping trips, but then often I find myself working late to get something done or getting really intensely involved in something and missing out on the fun stuff.

But fun should be built in to your business! After all, you created this as a mechanism to live life on your terms – so make sure you are doing it!

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