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Spinning Your Wheels Doing All The Things But Not Getting The Results You Want? Here’s How To Fix It

When you are in business or even thinking about starting you are constantly bombarded with what you ‘should’ be doing.

There’s always a latest fad whether it’s Facebook Live, Facebook Lead Ads or Instagram Stories. Then on top of that there’s all the classics that you probably feel you need to be doing too – building your email list, blogging, posting on your Facebook page etc etc.

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed even thinking about all that stuff let along actually doing it! So let me let you in on a big secret:


Here’s why.

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7 Ways To Make An Extra $1,000 This Month

Cat LeBlancAs an entrepreneur, we all have those months.

The big contract doesn’t come through, there were delays with the launch, you just didn’t have as many good leads this month – whatever it is, we all face those months when our income isn’t as high as we’d like it or need it to be, especially when we’re just starting out.

The only way to have a successful business in the long run is to have a solid strategy, BUT if you do need to earn some extra income in a particular month, there are tactics you can use to earn some extra money quickly.

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How To Know If Your Product Will Sell

Cat LeBlancWhen starting a business one of the big questions you will want the answer to is “Will my product or service sell?”

One way of finding out is to check if what you plan to offer is being sold successfully elsewhere. This shows there is a market for it. Also you can interview potential buyers about their buying habits.

Another method of deciding if a business idea is worth more research, and you can do this without leaving your armchair, is to ask yourself “Does this product or service fulfill a need and how urgent is that need?” 

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How To Actually Start Your Business

Cat LeBlancIf you’re thinking of starting a business this year – great! You have probably already spent a lot of time thinking, researching, talking to people and preparing. If you’re sure of your business idea – even better! If you’re not quite there yet check out The Idea Generator.

So assuming you’ve got your business idea, the one that is going to get you excited to get up in the morning and you know exactly what niche you are targeting, what’s next?

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