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What’s A Good Business To Start In 2017? (That Will Change Your Life Forever)

You see a lot of blog posts this time of year with titles like:

“The best businesses to start for 2017” or “What’s Hot in Biz for 2017!”

But are those the kinds of businesses you should be considering if you want to start a business this year?

What IS a good business to start in 2017, or any year for that matter (especially in a flat economy?) I made this video a couple of years ago and it’s still as relevant as ever.

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Why My First Successful Business Was Ultimately A Flop (And How To Learn From My Mistake!)

Cat LeBlancIt’s time to spill the beans.

You may or may not know that when I started out on my entrepreneurial journey, I did exactly what I generally recommend people NOT to do: I quit my job with no business plan in place and no idea what business I was going to start.

I had savings to last me around a year so it wasn’t complete lunacy. I do like to take calculated risks.

I leaped before I looked

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3 Easy Ways To Validate Your Business Idea

The IDEA-O-METER!If you’ve thought of a business idea – great! Your next question will likely be – will this work and is it suitable for me?

There are many different ways of validating a business idea. Some are very simple and some are much more in depth. In this post we’ll go through three easy ways to validate your business idea that won’t turn your mind into mush.

First up, if you are really pressed for time and you just want to be entertained while testing your business idea try The IDEA-O-METER! My super fun way of validating a business idea in about 2 minutes.

Done playing with The IDEA-O-METER? Great!

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