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(YBYR6) The Story Of How I Started My Location Independent Business

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We’ve had lots of content so far on Your Business, Your Rules. Content is incredibly helpful, especially if it helps you understand things in new ways and move forward which is what I am always striving for.

Story is also important though. Research has repeatedly shown that hearing a story activates more of the brain than just hearing facts.

And I really really want you to be either starting this journey or making this journey more you.

Even regardless of what the scientists say I find that if I can hear someone else’s ups and downs and hear the back story behind the quote unquote overnight success. It helps me see how I could do this.

Or how I could make changes. It gives me food for thought.

So today I’m sharing a bit more about how my business came into being.

Let’s be clear. Not to boast. There are certainly people out there who have achieved a lot more than me.

But to give you insight that you can turn into action for yourself. Hopefully you can see yourself in the journey

Honestly I’m not the kind of person who wants to constantly talk about themselves so this is a little uncomfortable for me. But important. Because I want to show it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. It’s highs and lows. And after a while a pretty damn good place to be journeying in.

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Why My First Successful Business Was Ultimately A Flop (And How To Learn From My Mistake!)

Cat LeBlancIt’s time to spill the beans.

You may or may not know that when I started out on my entrepreneurial journey, I did exactly what I generally recommend people NOT to do: I quit my job with no business plan in place and no idea what business I was going to start.

I had savings to last me around a year so it wasn’t complete lunacy. I do like to take calculated risks.

I leaped before I looked

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15+ Online Business Tools I Use To Build And Grow My Small Business

pic of Cat LeBlanc and her online business tools

I’m often asked which tools I use in my business:

How did I build my website?

How do I make my launching soon page?

Where do I get my ‘iPad’ graphics from?

So I decided it’s high time to answer all this questions in one shot.

Here are the online business tools I use to run my online business.

They aren’t the only ones available by any means but they’re the ones I use, know and love.

I choose tools that help me run my business more efficiently and save me time and money.

Some of them are free.

Some of them aren’t.

I think they’re all pretty rad.

A couple of the links are affiliate links so if you also wanted to use them we’ll be helping each other when you sign up!

So here goes… it’s a long one:

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3 Reasons Why Online Business Is Perfect For Introverts (And A Confession)

Cat LeBlancMany of my clients and potential clients are thinking about getting into online business, but they have one major concern.

They are introverts and worry about putting themselves out there and what running an online business will involve.

A recent revelation in my personal life (see confession below) and a great deal of thought on the matter has led me to the conclusion that…

Online business is actually perfect for introverts!

That may seem counter intuitive from the outside. After all being in online business means an online presence, a website, being out there in front of people.

It could seem easier to have a job or start a bricks and mortar business.

However, I believe that online business is the best way for introverts to leverage their skills and talents and here’s why.

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Cat LeBlanc – The Who, What and Why!

Hi, I’m Cat and I specialise in finding the right idea to get your business started!  Welcome to my very first blog post.

Cat with balloonMy aim with my blog and business is to help you escape the daily grind of your day job by guiding you through the process of finding an idea and building a business that supports the life you want to lead. Maybe you want to spend more time with your friends and family, maybe you want to do more meaningful work. Either way I’m your catalyst to get things started!

I always wanted to travel and be free and not follow the standard ‘study, work, kids, more work then retirement’ path. I also love to experiment and bring my ideas into reality. I wanted to learn languages and live abroad so I lived in Brazil and Germany. I wanted to be a freelancer so I could work though winter and then take the summer off so set myself up and did just that. Then I moved into business.

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