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Everything (including you) doesn’t have to be perfect to start a business

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect for you to start a business. Or more specifically YOU don’t have to be perfect to start a business. Being in business usually means being, or it at least feels like you are being, more public than having a job.

And the scrutiny that people imagine comes with that stops people from even starting in the first place. So I’m here to tell you – you don’t have to be perfect to do this, in fact often it helps significantly if you’re not.

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A Story Of Personal Connection ( & Another Reason Why Having A Business Is Awesome)

I didn’t share this story when I first got back from my recent round the world trip because first, I wanted to see what would happen, and second because it felt (and feels) very personal.

I am sure there will be people who disagree with what I did and think it should have been handled differently. When I feel a connection though, I like to go with my heart.

During my recent trip to New York (here’s all other business-related stuff I did if you want to check that out as well) I made connection that was super meaningful to me and I hope this relationship will grow and develop over many years.

I spent a lot of time in the city with high-level entrepreneurs, which of course was amazing fun. I love hanging out with people who are kicking goals and making things happen in the world.

But one of the connections that meant the most to me was making friends with a homeless woman.

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Spinning Your Wheels Doing All The Things But Not Getting The Results You Want? Here’s How To Fix It

When you are in business or even thinking about starting you are constantly bombarded with what you ‘should’ be doing.

There’s always a latest fad whether it’s Facebook Live, Facebook Lead Ads or Instagram Stories. Then on top of that there’s all the classics that you probably feel you need to be doing too – building your email list, blogging, posting on your Facebook page etc etc.

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed even thinking about all that stuff let along actually doing it! So let me let you in on a big secret:


Here’s why.

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What I Manifested In New York (How To Enable Opportunity To Strike)

I’ve recently come back from my round the world trip. This was part of my experiment in taking my business on the road. If you want to read about how the first part (Germany) went and get my tips and tricks on how to combine business with vacation that’s all here.

Part 2, New York, was all about making the impossible, yet simultaneously inevitable, happen.

I have big dreams in my business and while I generally consider myself an introvert, you can’t make everything happen by staying at home in your active wear.

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Observations And Learnings From Taking My Business On The Road

Right now I am road-testing ‘the laptop lifestyle’. It’s been over three years since I started my business and the first real time I’ve tried this. Every other trip I was on holiday or I was only away a couple of days. So far I’ve been to Frankfurt, Hannover and Dusseldorf in Germany visiting friends and hanging out in my old stomping grounds. Mid July I move on to New York City. Woo hoo!

Honestly though, as much as I love freedom and having control over my schedule, I’ve always been nervous about trying to work away from home. I like having a proper desk with everything set up – think note pads, coloured pens, printer, comfortable chair etc etc. I’m the kind of person who can’t even work in a cafe because it’s too distracting. So this trip has been quite an experiment!

So here’s what I discovered so far:

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