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How To Decide Whether Your Want A Business or Career Change with Katy Flatau

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In this episode of Your Business Your Rules (YBYR15) I invite Katy Flatau, a career strategy coach in to talk about the big question people ask themselves when they realise they aren’t happy with their current career trajectory – do I want to start a business or do I want to change career?

In the episode we talk about what to consider when making this decision and how to really tell which, of the many available options, is right for you.

Katy website can be found here.

What If Sales Was About Love?

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Episode 13 – What if sales was about love?

Wooah. Okay I realize that sounds like a potentially radical or even woo woo concept.

So let’s start at the beginning.

When you make your very first sale in business you will in general experience a rush of elation and terror all in one go. Or the elation comes first, then the terror.

Your thought process sounds something like this: Continue Reading

(YBYR12) What’s Your Online Business Archetype & Why Does It Matter?

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The first thing I’ll say is if you straight up just want the answer to that what your archetype is go to and you’ll get your answer.

But if you want to know why it matters too stay here first!

The Your Business, Your Rules Podcast is all about living life your way and building a business your way, to enable you to live life even more your way.

Lots of doing things your way!

But in order to actually do things your way you actually need to pay attention to who you are. Otherwise you end up missing the point and following someone else’s dream.

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(YBYR11) How To Hit $10k Months – Part 3

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Welcome to episode 11 – How to hit $10k months Part 3.

So far we learned that getting to $10k months is a lot less about fancy marketing and flashy funnels than the Internet would have us believe.

It actually has a whole lot more to do with consistency and focused action than anything else.

It’s about maintaining focus over an extended period of time on what matters – your sales.

Plus having systems and mindset routines to support us in maintaining that focus.

In part 3 what I want to talk about is how much of an effect your environment has on all of us.

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