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Location Independence with Maria Doyle – What Does Location Independence Really Look Like?

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Episode 24 – What Does Location Independence Really Look Like?

Maria and Cat talk about the truth and reality behind location independence, whether that means living where you want, living in two places at once or being on the road.

Maria is an Online Materials Developer has worked on overseas postings for 15 years and now runs two businesses between Perth, Australia and Bali. At the time of recording Maria is about to go on a 10 week overseas trip and taking her business with her.

Find out more about Maria at Create Real Change. You can also follow Maria on Instagram (and see all the travel pics) @mariacreaterealchange



How To Set Your Pricing (+Pricing Calculator)

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Episode 23 – How To Set Your Pricing

This is a super juicy topic and one that gets people really riled up and is something that can feel very personal.

The reason it feels personal is because it’s putting a value on your time and current skill level.

So it IS a personal decision, but before we get to how to set your pricing I want to explain that it’s not a representation of your intrinsic worth.

What do I mean by that?

I mean your pricing is a representation of your current skill level as an entrepreneur right now.

It has nothing to do with how good a person you are or your worth as a human being. So just because you might charge more or less than someone else that just reflects your current stage and type of business, not YOU as a multifaceted human being and your personal worth.

So when you hear the “charge what you are worth!” rhetoric remember to separate the two.

Okay, so how should you set your pricing?

Pricing is affected by four things:

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How Niched Is Too Niched?

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Episode 22 – How Niched Is Too Niched?

You’ve probably heard you need to choose a niche right?

And the smaller the niche the better right? Well, not necessarily.

It depends on the kind of business you are trying to start and how big you want to grow.

Most of my clients are starting coaching, consulting or service-based location-independent businesses. See episode 4 for why I consider these the best options to start with. The short answer though, is more money sooner and lower risk.

So they want to be niched enough to stand out but don’t want to be so niched that it is hard to find clients.

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What Will People Pay For? The 7 Buying Reasons

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Episode 19 – What will people pay for? (It’s Just 7 Things)

When you’re starting out a business or looking to add a new offering to what you already have it can seem pretty bewildering when you start to ask yourself the question – will people pay for that?

While we buy many thousands of different things, I looked for some stats on this and I found on a minimalist blog that the average American home has 300,000 things in it, there are actually relatively few underlying reasons for buying things.

Because fundamentally we are all humans with the same set of core needs.

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The Leverage Ladder – When Does It Make Sense To Skip Ahead To Passive Income

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Episode 18 – The Leverage Ladder – When Does It Make Sense To Skip Ahead To Passive Income

If you haven’t listened to episode 17 yet I definitely recommend listening to that first. In that episode I talked about growing your business and when it makes sense to start working on passive income.

Notice I said “start working on” because it will take work!

We talked before about what you need to make passive income and it’s not just a product to sell.

For it to be worth your time and for you to make what most people would consider a salary rather than some pocket money you need:

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